FAQs & Issues

Nothing Rendering

  • If using URP, make sure XI_URP preprocessor define has been added
  • Try adding “XI Render Feature” to URP asset
  • Make sure the XIDocument has the Manager field set to a Manager in scene
  • If using Shapes adding “Shapes Render Feature” to URP asset

Background Rect is not rendering

  • If the background color / border is not rendering but text and icons are, check the XI Standard Renderer component to see if the “Rect Material” is applied

Overflow is not being clipped

  • Check if the “Use Clip” flag in the standard renderer config is enabled and if a functioning clip material is assigned

Incorrect height / layout sizes

  • Try adding UnityDefaultRuntimeTheme to panel settings

Text is not visible

  • Check if the text meshes are being rendered by viewing the scene in wireframe mode or looking at the “Frame Debugger” for the draw calls
  • If the proper draw calls are being made: Try making sure TMP font asset being used is rendering properly. If the asset has been accidently modified it might not display properly. Reimport the TMP essentials if necessary.
  • If this issue is happening only with the Shapes renderer, try following setup for Shapes Renderer involving modifying Shapes source (IMDrawer.cs)

Text Layout is not Accurate

  • If “\n” is typed under text field in UI builder, this may render as new line in UI Builder but in XI it will be displayed as a literal. This can result in a string that is clipped starting from the first “\n”
    • Solution: Convert “\n” characters to actual newlines in UI Builder. Or in the UXML, convert the “\n” strings to 

Unresponsiveness after Style Reload while in Editor Play Mode

  • Known Issue: Stylesheet reload can cause a loss of interactibility when stylesheet is modified during editor play mode. Unknown cause

Missing References to Demo Icon Textures

  • Make sure Unity VectorGraphics package is installed
    • Version used in development:
        "com.unity.vectorgraphics": "2.0.0-preview.24"

Invalid Image Specified Warning

  • This warning message can be seen with Vector Images in UI Builder even if they have the proper references. Not sure if this is a Unity bug but after some combination of reassigning images in UI builder, saving, closing, and reopening again, this error went away.

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