XI - Extended Interface

A UI framework for building world space / XR interfaces with Unity’s UI Toolkit (UITK).

XI Demo

XI was made to bring world space support to UITK. Unlike the older UI systems uGUI/IMGUI, which other VR UI assets utilize, UITK comes with a powerful set of tools like UI Builder, and an easy workflow for building modern UI with UXML and USS. XI utilizes UITK’s elements, layout engine, and the mentioned toolset to provide the same experience in building UI in 3D world space.

  • Visit Getting Started to learn how to setup XI in your project
  • Browse the Documentation to learn how to use the API
  • Check out the Features to find out what is supported
  • Take a look at the Showcase for examples on what can be done in XI
  • Find out what’s currently being worked in the Roadmap

XI - Copyright © Jonathan Lacombe