UI Toolkit Backend

  • UITK Elements: Button, Label, Toggle, Slider, Text Field, Number Fields, Vector Fields, Dropdown, Scroll View, Radio Button, Progress Bar
  • Additional Elements: Heading, Paragraph
  • Similar API to UITK (event callbacks, manipulators)
  • Build highly customizable UI with Unity’s UI Builder and UXML

Style and Themes

  • Styleable & themeable UI with USS
  • Emissive / glow styling
  • Stackable linear gradient backgrounds
  • Animates style transitions for custom styles
  • Added support for html/css styles: (z-index, font-family, linear-gradients, and more)


  • Ability to customize rendering of UI elements with ShaderGraph
  • Transparent depth sorting
  • TextMeshPro text rendering
  • High quality built-in anti-aliasing renderer
  • Ability to build custom / alternative UI renderer
  • 3D popout UI effects using depth offsets
  • Alternative high-quality renderer provided using “Shapes” asset


  • Introduction / showcase of basic usage
  • Fully functional / ready-to-use Keyboard
  • Color Picker showing custom ShaderGraph


  • ~ 1MB package size
  • Readable and easily debuggable code


  • Continued development on enhancements / feature requests
  • Active support on any issues / bugs

XI - Copyright © Jonathan Lacombe