Getting Started


  • Shader Graph
  • “com.unity.render-pipelines.core”: “14.0.9”


  • Import TextMeshPro essentials
    • Window > TextMeshPro > Import TMP Essential Resources

Rendering Pipelines

URP & HDRP require scripting define symbols to be added. You can find the configuration here: Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Script Compilation


  • No setup required


  • Add XI_URP scripting define symbol
  • Configure URP asset to include XI Render Feature
  • Configure URP to enable Depth and Opaque textures


  • Add XI_HDRP scripting define symbol

Scene Preparation

  • Add XI Manager to the scene
  • Create > XI > XI Render Config> asset
  • Add XI Standard Renderer to the scene’s XI Manager and add the XI Render Config to it
  • Add UI Document for any document you want in the scene
  • Add the XI Pixel Panel panel settings to each added UI Document
  • Attach UXML documents under “Source Asset” in each UI Document component
  • Add XI Document component to each UI Document gameobject and set the Manager to the scenes XI Manager

You can also create your own panel asset and set the following:

  • Scale Mode = Constant Pixel Size
  • Theme Style Sheet = XI DefaultRuntimeTheme (preferred)

Setup (XI Shapes Renderer)

If using Shapes renderer alternative instead of Standard XI renderer:

  • Add “Shapes Render Feature” to Universal Renderer Data
  • Make the following changes to IMDrawer.cs (Shapes Asset)
    • Uncomment this line
      ApplyGlobalPropertiesTMP( sourceMat ); // I can't really edit this because *groans*
    • Add this line in the beggining of ApplyGlobalPropertiesTMP
      m.SetFloat( ShapesMaterialUtils.propZTest, (float)Draw.ZTest );
  • (Optional) Enable HDR color pickers in Shape Settings
  • Add XI Shapes Renderer to the scene’s XI Manager

Setup (Scripting and Assembly)

  • If using assembly (.asmdef), add Tobia.XI reference to the reference list to access the XI namespace.
  • The namespace XI.Renderer should not need to be used, but this can be included by adding Tobia.XI.Renderer.

If looking at the JSON source for Tobia.XI.Renderer.asmdef, you may notice I include the names for RenderPipeline references instead of the GUID. This is because these assemblies may be missing depending on which render pipeline is chosen. So having names makes it readable in the inspector (since names will appear instead as GUIDs for missing asmdefs)

XI - Copyright © Jonathan Lacombe