• Anchor: Anchored elements / tooltips
  • Image: Image UI component
  • Video: Video player component
  • Audio: Audio player component
  • Context Menu: Context menus
  • Tab: Tabs and tabbed views


  • Performance Optimizations: Draw call batching, allocation reduction, moving logic to GPU
  • Billboard: Billboard UI displays
  • Themes: Built-in themes and styles


  • Shadows: Rendering HTML/CSS style shadow boxes
  • Blur Filters: Guassian blur filters for UI and scene
  • Numpad: Numpad keyboard sample (for editing number fields)
  • 2D / screenspace support: Rendering UI in 2D


  • Curved UI: Ability to curve UI surfaces cylindrically, and radially
  • Per Element Raycasting: Because elements may have a different depth-offset than the document or it’s parent
  • 3D UI: 3-dimensional UI elements (prisms, volumetric lines, shapes with thickness, etc)

XI - Copyright © Jonathan Lacombe